Farnosť sv. Mikuláša

Supported by a grant from Norway
Co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic
Projekt je financovaný z grantu Nórskeho kráľovstva prostredníctvom Nórskeho finančného mechanizmu
Spolufinancované z štátneho rozpočtu Slovenskej republiky

Názov projektu: Priateľstvo a pomoc bez hraníc
Prijímateľ: Rímskokatolícka cirkev, farnosť sv. Mikuláša, Prešov
Výška NFP: 73 865 EUR

The aim of the project is to reduce already existing barriers of cross-border cooperation. The project is unique in creating partners network to ensure active cooperation of partners from Slovakia and Ukraine in the area of frontier regions development. The main and long-term project´s effect expected is creation of new and support of already existing partnerships/networks, maintenance of cultural and historical particularities of the territory, deepening integrated cross-border development and raising awareness of the frontier region.

Results of the project

  • Maintenance of cultural and historical particularities of the region
  • Solving common social problems of vulnerable groups of inhabitants living in frontier regions using innovative ways
  • Support of common and mutual approaches which contribute to the development of frontier regions development at a regional and local level
  • Realisation of ´people to people´ activity, which will be attended by the general public


The intention of the project is to support building new interpersonal contacts especially among children, young adults and students from Slovakia and Ukraine to contribute to the social and economic development of frontier regions.

Project activities

  • Opening conference
  • Exchange for children in Slovakia
  • Summer camp for children from Slovakia and Ukraine organised in Ukraine
  • Panel of experts/methodology seminar
  • Outcome of the cooperation will be Memorandum of the cooperation 2015-2020
  • Festive Slovak-Ukrainian concert in co-cathedral of St Nicholas
  • Closing conference.

The realisation of the project also includes sanitation of the northern part of co-cathedral of St.Nicholas.

Project title: Friendship and help without frontiers
Recipient: Roman-Catholic church, parish of St.Nicholas, Prešov
Awarded Amount of NFP: 73 865€